About Centenary News

CentenaryNews.com has been launched to provide news and information about the 2014-2018 First World War Centenary.

It is staffed by volunteers and aims to provide independent, impartial and international coverage.

The website is owned and editorially controlled by a not-for-profit social enterprise, Centenary Digital Ltd.

It contains news items, videos, details of events, educational resources, and links to articles and blogs.

The site also includes a summary of organisations who are involved with the study of the First World War, or who are planning Centenary events.

Where possible and relevant, we refer to sources of information, and provide links to external source websites.


Contact Us

Please contact us if:

You have information or a video that you would like posted on the site.

You have a suggestion for the site, or would like to get involved with it in some way (we are currently looking for volunteers to help us upload and monitor content).

You see a mistake or notice something that needs updating.

You are an organisation mentioned on the site, and would like to alter the way you are described.

You would like something taken down from the site because of copyright, legal or other issues.

For all of the above, please send an email to: contactcentenarynews@gmail.com

Our address is: Centenary News, United House, North Road, London, N79DP, UK

Centenary News has also set up a team to provide video and digital services to Centenary organisations - and we would be interested to hear from groups about how we could jointly develop projects associated with the site.

We hope you find Centenary News interesting and useful.



Centenary News has developed the website to allow advertisers who would like to promote their organisations, events or projects related to the First World War or the Centenary.

We have built up a sizeable visitor base since launching the site in 2011, with strong search engine optimisation. We expect the site to grow significantly in the months leading up to and after the Centenary.

If you are interested in advertising on the website, or would like to view our rate card, please contact us at: contactcentenarynews@gmail.com.

You can read more about advertising opportunities on Centenary News here.



Centenary News is committed to respecting the copyright of articles, videos and images.

Our approach is based on legal advice and feedback from the Intellectual Property Office of the United Kingdom.

We aim to source all articles, videos and images, include links to third party content, and avoid using images that are marked as belonging to a commercial third party organisation.

We do use logos, images and video that have been published or released by organisations for publicity reasons.

We adopt a strict 'Tell Us and We'll Take it Down' policy: so if there are any copyright concerns and you wish to have any content from the website removed, please contact us at: contactcentenarynews@gmail.com


The Team

Executive Editor

Nigel Dacre


Peter Alhadeff

Senior Researcher

Éadaoin Hegarty (2015)


Anna Bearfield (2013)
Daniel Barry (2013-14)

Events Editor

Tanja Bonny

Books Editor

Eleanor Baggley (2014-16)

Web Developer

Javier Prieto

Video Producers

Ben Jay

Volunteer Contributors

Andrew Arnold (UK)
Tanja Bonny (UK & Balkans)
Dr Jillian Davidson (New York, USA)
Joseph Delves (UK)
Ashlee Godwin (UK)
Christian Groves (UK)
Jim Hamilton (Northern Ireland)
Christopher J Harvie (Canada)
Tom Hopkins (UK)
Claire Wotherspoon (UK)
Katherine Quinlan-Flatter(Germany)


Centenary News Board

Nigel Dacre (Chair)
Peter Alhadeff
Richard Melman
Major General Julian Thompson, CB, OBE

About Us

Centenary News is a not for profit social enterprise - that has been set up to provide independent, impartial and international coverage of the Centenary of the First World War.

Let us know if you have a news story or a video that you would like to appear on the site.

The site has the following sections:

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