Centenary Anniversary: Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated

28 June 2014
28th June 1914: The heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, is assassinated.

Centenary Anniversary: Austro-Hungarian Empire declares war

28 July 2014
28th July 1914: Austro-Hungarian Empire declares war on Serbia after the heir to the Austro-Hungarian crown, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, is assassinated.

Centenary Anniversary: Germany declares war on Russia

01 August 2014
The German Empire declares war on Russia after Russia mobilises its forces.

Centenary Anniversary: German ultimatum to Belgium

02 August 2014
Germany states, in anticipation of a French attack, that she must occupy Belgium.

Centenary Anniversary: Germany violates Belgian neutrality; Britain declares war on behalf of the Empire

04 August 2014
Germany invades Belgium, prompting Britain to declare war on Germany, on behalf of the British Empire.

Centenary Anniversary: Germans capture Liège fortresses

16 August 2014
After more than a week of resistance, the Belgians finally surrendered the last of their fortresses in Liège to Germany.

Centenary Anniversary: Battle of Mons

23 August 2014
The Battle of Mons was the first action seen by the British Expeditionary Force during the First World War.

Centenary Anniversary: Battle of Tannenberg

26 August 2014
26th August 1914: The Battle of Tannenberg, fought on the Eastern Front between the German Empire and the Russian Empire, ends in heavy losses for Russia.

Centenary Anniversary: First Battle of the Marne

05 September 2014
5th September 1914: The First Battle of the Marne sees the German advance towards Paris halted.

Centenary Anniversary: First Battle of Ypres

19 October 2014
19th October 1914: The First Battle of Ypres, fought in Belgium, saw heavy losses on both sides. 

Centenary Anniversary: Turkey goes to war

29 October 2014
October 29th 1914: The Ottoman Empire entered the First World War, attacking Russian ports on the Black Sea.

Centenary Anniversary: Second Battle of the Masurian Lakes

07 February 2015
7th February 1915: Germany started a second offensive against the Russian Army in the Masurian Lakes region of East Prussia (now Poland).

Centenary Anniversary: Battle of Neuve Chapelle

10 March 2015
10th March 1915: Britain launched its first set-piece offensive on the Western Front, attacking the Germans at Neuve Chapelle in Northern France.

Centenary Anniversary: Allied naval assault on the Dardanelles

18 March 2015
18th March 1915: An armada of British and French warships attempted to force its way through the Dardanelles Strait in Turkey.  

Centenary Anniversary: Russians capture fortress of Przemyśl

22 March 2015
22nd March 1915: The Austro-Hungarian fortress of Przemyśl in Galicia (present-day Poland) fell to the Russians after a siege lasting more than four months.

Centenary Anniversary: Second Battle of Ypres

22 April 2015
April 22nd 1915: Germany launched its only Western Front offensive of the year, extensively using deadly chemicals for the first time.

Centenary Anniversary: The Gallipoli Campaign

25 April 2015
25th April 1915: The Gallipoli landings begin.

Centenary Anniversary: Battle of Gorlice-Tarnów

02 May 2015
2nd May 1915: German and Austro-Hungarian troops launched a joint offensive in Galicia (present-day Poland), achieving a major breakthrough against the Russian Army.

Centenary Anniversary: Sinking of the Lusitania

07 May 2015
7th May 1915: The British transatlantic liner, Lusitania, was sunk by a German U-boat, provoking American outrage at the deaths of neutral US passengers.

Centenary Anniversary: More than 200 British troops die in train crash

22 May 2015
22nd May 1915: A troop train crashed in the worst rail disaster in UK history, near Gretna in Scotland.

Centenary Anniversary: Italy declares war on Austria-Hungary

23 May 2015
23rd May 1915: Italy enters hostilities on the Allied side, declaring war on the Austro-Hungarian Empire. 

Centenary Anniversary: Gallipoli truce to bury the dead

24 May 2015
24th May 1915: A brief truce took place in the fighting between Anzac and Turkish forces at Gallipoli. 

Centenary Anniversary: First air raid on London

31 May 2015
31st May 1915: A German Zeppelin bombed London for the first time.


Centenary Anniversary: Russians ousted from Przemyśl

03 June 2015
3rd June 1915: German and Austro-Hungarian forces recaptured the fortress town of Przemyśl in southern Poland.

Centenary Anniversary: Germany Army enters Warsaw

04 August 2015
4-5th August 1915: The German Army captured Warsaw as part of an offensive against the Russians across the Eastern Front. 

Centenary Anniversary: August offensive starts at Gallipoli

06 August 2015
6th August 1915: The last major Allied offensive at Gallipoli was launched, with an attempt to break out of Anzac Cove and a British landing at Suvla Bay.

Centenary Anniversary: Tsar Nicholas takes Russian supreme command

01 September 2015
Russia entered September 1915 with Tsar Nicholas II as the new commander-in-chief of his armies, replacing Grand Duke Nicholas, a fellow member of the royal family.

Centenary Anniversary: Battle of Loos

25 September 2015
25th September 1915: The British Army started its biggest offensive of the year at Loos in Northern France, using poison gas for the first time.

Centenary Anniversary: Kut falls to British/Indian force in Mesopotamian campaign

28 September 2015
28th September 1915: British and Indian forces captured the town of Kut al-Amara during their advance up the Tigris Valley towards Baghdad.

Centenary Anniversary: Belgrade falls, Bulgaria enters war & Allies land at Salonika

09 October 2015
9th October 1915: The Central Powers captured Belgrade as the Allies launched a belated attempt to help Serbia by landing troops in neighbouring Greece.
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