The Poppy of Honour displayed in Wincanton. It will tour more towns in Somerset in November (Photo: Centenary News)

Poppy of Honour memorial to Great War fallen

Posted on on 23 October 2018
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Centenary News has visited the 'Poppy of Honour' at  Wincanton, in southwest England. 

Unveiled on 6 October 2018, it's a tribute to more than a million members of British and Commonwealth forces who were lost in the First World War, killed or missing in action. 

Individual handwritten poppies within the steel and glass memorial commemorate the names of 1,115,471 service personnel. They include 800 women, crewmen of fishing fleets and more than 300 soldiers shot at dawn. 

The Poppy of Honour will be displayed at Cale Park, Wincanton, until October 30 before starting a tour of Somerset towns, beginning in Frome on November 1 and culminating in Yeovil on November 19. In 2019, the memorial will travel around the UK and Ireland, and also be displayed in Ypres.

See Poppy of Honour for more information.

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Images: Centenary News

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