British armoured car units were sent to support Russia in the Caucasus in 1916. Troops are pictured with tribesmen en route to Turkey, probably on the road between Vladikavkaz and Erzurum (© IWM Q 107442)

100 years ago in Caucasus campaign - Erzurum falls to Russia

Posted on on 16 February 2016
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Russian troops captured the fortress town of Erzurum in eastern Turkey on February 16th 1916.

The midwinter resumption of the First World War Caucasus campaign had taken the Ottomans by surprise.

Russia struck in January, before Turkish forces had time to regroup following the Allied withdrawal from Gallipoli.

General Nikolai Yudenich, commander of the Caucasus army, launched his offensive just a day after Russia's allies, Britain and France, completed their pull-out.  

After the fall of Erzurum, the Russians pushed further into Anatolia, capturing the Black Sea port of Trabzon in April and regions near Lake Van.

Armoured car units from Britain's Royal Naval Air Service were sent to support Russia in the Caucasus in 1916.

Source: Wikipedia/various

Images courtesy of Imperial War Museums (© IWM Q 107442)

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