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Gallipoli Centenary Education Project launches

Posted on on 21 April 2015
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The Gallipoli Centenary Education Project has launched a new website to promote learning and exploration of the Gallipoli campaign in schools across the globe.

One of the main aims of the project is to promote international links between students in different countries, and to provide a platform for schools and museums to present their Gallipoli projects and host discussions.

From the organisation:

"Gallipoli allows us to reflect on the truly global significance of the First World War: as the German General Hans Kannengiesser who commanded a Turkish Division at Gallipoli wryly remarked, “seldom have so many countries of the world, races and nations sent their representatives to so small a place with the praiseworthy intention of killing one another”.

"Starting from personal stories of the campaign, the project will give children opportunities to study different national perspectives and to consider the legacy of Gallipoli for us all today.

"Practical outcomes include:

- Enhanced links between cultural heritage organisations and educational institutions.

- Improved heritage learning skills in cultural heritage organisations.

- Contribution by cultural heritage organisations to curriculum development, e.g. use of historical evidence, historical interpretations.

- International cooperation through shared knowledge and understanding."

The Project has been working with cultural organisations on a local, national and international level to bring new resources, exhibitions and activities to the students.

The Gallipoli Centenary Education Project, which is based in the UK, is partly funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Gallipoli Association. It runs from Spring 2014 to Spring 2016.

For more information the Gallipoli Centenary Education Project please visit their website.

To find out more about the Gallipoli Association visit their website.

To read Centenary News' report on the organisation's first school project, visit here.

Image courtesy of Gallipoli Centenary Education Project

Posted by: Éadaoin Hegarty, Centenary News

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