Public lecture to take place in Brussels on sinking of Lusitania – titled ‘A Century of Deceit and Denial’

Posted on on 14 April 2015
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The lecture, ‘A Century of Deceit and Denial’, is taking place on May 7th 2015 – 100 years after the sinking of the liner. It is being organised by Beyond the 1914-1918 Centenary, and is part of a series of lectures to mark the Centenary of the war.

The speaker is the author and lecturer Dr Alexander Naylor.

The subjects covered by the lecture will include:

- The Lusitania horrors: ‘Total Propaganda’ then and now

- Target of War: Lusitania’s continuous war supplies throughout 1914-1915

- Second explosion: What caused the sinking within just 18 minutes?

- Conspiracy: ‘Room 40’ codebreakers and the plot for a U-boat attack

- Sacrifice: The Lusitania murder for what ‘Great Game’ imperial goals?

- Whitewash: Why key Lusitania files are still classified to this day

- A century of deceit and denial: Time to experience shame and forgiveness.

See details of the event here

Source: Beyond the 1914-1918 Centenary

Posted by: Éadaoin Hegarty, Centenary News