A Dirty Swindle: True Stories of Scots in the Great War

Posted on centenarynews.com on 10 February 2016
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Author: Walter Stephen
Publication Date: 10 February 2016

Publisher's Description:

'Walter Stephen provides an uninhibited look at the misery and toil of World War I through a collection of twelve stories. Providing a Scottish perspective, he takes a look at reports from home and abroad with scepticism, delving deeper to unveil the unencumbered truth. Recalling Siegfried Sassoon s words, Stephen reveals the failures of those in command as the Great War became known as A Dirty Swindle. The varied accounts chronicle the progress of troops from recruitment to training to the frontline, as well as revealing a side of Field Marshal Haig never seen before.

Introduction True Stories 
Chapter 1 A Peace Warrior and His Family in the Great War 
Chapter 2 Out of the Frying Pan 
Chapter 3 Dark Lochnagar 
Chapter 4 The First Hundred Thousand 
Chapter 5 McCrae s Battalion Eponymous or Anonymous? 
Chapter 6 The War Poets in the Eye of the Storm 
Chapter 7 Memento Mori 
Chapter 8 Their Name Liveth 
Chapter 9 Observe the Sons of Ulster 
Chapter 10 The Scottish National War Memorial 
Chapter 11 God bless the Kaiser! 
Chapter 12 Andra and the Field-Marshal 
Bibliographical Note'

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