Bellicourt American Monument, near the French city of St Quentin, commemorates US forces who served alongside British troops in 1917-18. It's among more than 20 American WWI memorials in France, Belgium and the UK (Photo: Centenary News)

Article - 'America’s neglected conflict: The First World War'

Posted on on 15 May 2018
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Eclipsed by the Second World War, WWI seems in danger of being America’s forgotten war, historians Marilyn Shevin-Coetzee and Frans Coetzee write in an Oxford University Press blog.

But World War I 'deserves better,' they argue, meriting US attention for its impact and significance. After 1918, 'Americans could no longer remain as isolated from world affairs.'

Read the full article in the OUPblog.

Centenary News adds: 

US Memorial Day this year - May 28 - falls on the 100th anniversary of America's first major Great War victory at Cantigny in the Somme in 1918. Centennial ceremonies have been planned in both France and the United States.

The 2018 National Memorial Day Parade in Washington DC on May 28 is to include a special WWI tribute by the US Centennial Commission.

A float on the National Mall will highlight the new National World War I Memorial planned for Pershing Square.

For details of commemorations taking place over the Memorial Day weekend, and later in 2018, visit the American Battle Monuments Commission website.

Images: Bellicourt American Monument, Centenary News







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