Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, founder of independent Czechoslovakla, commemorated at Prague Castle (Photo: Centenary News)

Article: Czechs remember Battle of Zborov Centenary - Radio Prague

Posted on on 09 July 2017
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An action won by Czechoslovak Legionaries in July 1917 marked a crucial moment in the fight for independence, reflects Radio Prague in a centenary broadcast.

A Czech delegation visited Ukraine on July 2 to pay tribute to the soldiers who achieved a breaththrough at the Battle of Zborov, fighting alongside Russian forces against the Central Powers in the Kerensky Offensive.

Although a minor episode from a global point of view, Radio Prague says the legionaries' unexpected success boosted  resistance leaders who would negotiate the birth of independent Czechoslovakia from Austria-Hungary as the First World War ended.

The full article, and dispatch, can be found on the Radio Prague website.

Source: Radio Prague

Posted by: CN Editorial Team