Battle of Chemin des Dames: Centenary dossier from Mission Centenaire

Posted on on 27 February 2017
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Articles and videos explaining the Battle of the Chemin des Dames have been released together online by Mission Centenaire for this year's 100th anniversary commemorations.

They can be found on the French Centenary organisation's website, together with a round-up of the events being held over the Easter weekend to remember the disastrous attack ordered by General Robert Nivelle in April 1917.

President François Hollande will lead the tributes.

The Nivelle Offensive is remembered not only for its heavy losses, but also the mutinies which broke out among French troops as unrest took hold in the third year of the First World War.

Mission Centenaire's dossier includes a collection of 30 archive photos taken at the front between April-September 1917.

Visit Mission Centenaire 14-18 for the full story.

Posted by: CN Editorial team