British Library to archive Centenary News website

Posted on on 06 October 2015
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The British Library has decided to archive the Centenary News website in its UK Web Archive.

The UK Web Archive was established in 2004 to capture and archive websites from the UK domain, responding to what it describes as "the challenge of a ‘digital black hole’ in the nation’s memory".

The organisers of the archive site says that it contains, "specially selected websites of cultural and historical significance to the UK, from across the spectrum of politics and opinion".

The Editor of Centenary News, Nigel Dacre, says: "I'm really pleased that the British Library has decided to archive Centenary News.

"Our intention since launching the site in 2011 has been to provide a contemporaneous record of how people and organisations around the world are commemorating the First World War - and, as such, I think the site is actually becoming a really interesting record of the different ways in which the world is remembering the war".

In 2014, the US Library of Congress also selected Centenary News to be archived as part of its collection of websites marking the centenary. Read Congress story here.