Centennial Countdown Blog Posting for March 2015

Posted on centenarynews.com on 05 April 2015
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On March 31st 2015, Dennis Cross published the latest instalment to his Centennial Countdown blog. Here's his email summary of the posting:

"It's the end of another month, as it was 100 years ago today, and time for the next installment of my Centennial Countdown blog. In March 1915, repeated attempts to force the Dardanelles with naval forces alone have failed, and the Allies are now preparing an amphibious assault on the Gallipoli Peninsula.  The British Army in France overruns the German position at Neuve Chapelle but is unable to exploit its initial success. Great Britain responds to Germany's declaration of submarine warfare by announcing the commencement of total economic warfare, declaring that all ships bound for Germany will be intercepted and their cargoes subject to confiscation. The United States objects, but does so mildly. Colonel House is in Europe making the rounds of the warring nations' capitals, but his peacemaking attempts bear no fruit. German submarine warfare claims its first American victim off the coast of Wales.  The German cruiser SMS Dresden is run to ground on a Chilean island.  The long Russian siege of the Austrian fortress of Przemysl ends with an Austrian surrender. In the United States, the Sixty-third Congress comes to an end. Former President Roosevelt is harshly critical of the administration's foreign policy with regard to Mexico. A new motion picture, "The Birth of a Nation," opens in New York to overflow crowds."

The blog can be read here

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