Centennial Countdown Blog: Visiting Allied leaders seek US troops

Posted on centenarynews.com on 01 June 2017
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French and British delegations visiting the US in May 1917 called for large numbers of American troops, warning that the Allied cause was in jeopardy, writes Dennis Cross in his latest WWI blog. Here's his summary:

'The United States has just entered the Great War.  Visiting Allied war leaders ask President Wilson for an immediate commitment of American troops.  General Pershing is named commander of the American Expeditionary Force and departs for Europe.  The United States enacts the first draft law since the Civil War.  Included is a provision authorizing the president to organize volunteer divisions such as the one former President Roosevelt wants to lead, but the President says he will not exercise that authority. Americans are asked to subscribe to a 'Liberty Loan' to finance the war effort.  President Wilson urges press censorship, but a bill giving the president censorship authority fails to pass Congress.  The Allies confront the Central Powers in the Balkans; Italy launches another attack against Austro-Hungarian forces on the Isonzo.  United States Navy warships arrive in Great Britain to assist the British with convoy escort and other duties.'

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