The Czechoslovak Memorial at La Targette in France, commemorating Czech and Slovak volunteers who fought for the Allies (Photo: Centenary News)

Czech WW1 soldiers at Christmas - remembered on Radio Prague

Posted on on 27 December 2015
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Czech soldiers' stories of their Christmas experiences in the First World War have been told in a special programme broadcast on Radio Prague.

It drew on their first-hand accounts - in letters, journals and memoirs provided by descendants.

The Czech lands of Bohemia and Moravia formed part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until its break-up in 1918 and the creation of the new state of Czechoslovakia. 

More than a million Czechs fought in the Great War, serving not only in the Austro-Hungarian Army but also as volunteers on the side of the Allied powers, notably in Russia.

Visit the Radio Prague website to listen to the programme and read a transcript.

Posted by CN Deputy Editor