Doullens Town Hall, where French and British leaders met in response to Germany's spring offensive. This picture was taken at the start of the Great War Centenary in July 2014 (Photo: Centenary News)

Doullens & London to mark Marshal Foch command centenary

Posted on on 09 March 2018
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Ceremonies are coming up in Doullens and London to commemorate the centenary of the WW1 conference that resulted in Ferdinand Foch becoming Allied commander-in-chief. 

It was in the imposing town hall of Doullens that French and British military leaders met amid the crisis of Germany’s spring offensive 100 years ago to put General Foch (as he then was)  in charge of coordinating their armies. Five days into the Kaiserschlacht, Allied forces were in danger of being split apart.

On Sunday March 25, these events will be recalled with a procession to the town's war memorial, where a wreath-laying ceremony will be held. 

The 100th anniversary of Marshal Foch’s appointment - on 26 March 1918 - will also be marked at the annual commemoration of the Commandement Unique (Unified Command) at the Foch Calvary and Doullens Town Hall.

For Doullens event details, see Somme TourismeDoullens lies between Arras and Amiens.

In London on March 26, the UK Government will hold a commemorative ceremony, attended by British and French representatives, at Marshal Foch's statue in Lower Grosvenor Gardens (above), next to Victoria Station.

The general public will be able to watch without tickets from a designated viewing area close to the statue.

This will be the opening event of the UK's national commemorations in 2018, marking the final year of the First World War Centenary and the path to peace.

Guests will include descendants of both Marshal Foch and Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig, the commander of Britain's armies on the Western Front.

For London event details, see UK Government - Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport.

Ferdinand Foch’s determined and vigorous leadership is seen as a crucial factor in the Allied victory of 1918. On November 11, he met a German delegation at Compiègne to sign the armistice ending the Great War.

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Source: Somme Tourisme; UK Government

Images: Centenary News

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