GdaƄsk in Poland, formerly Danzig: Under the Versailles Treaty, it was separated from Germany as a Free City under League of Nations protection to give the restored Polish state access to a major seaport (Photo: Centenary News)

'For Millions of Europeans, the war did not end in 1918' - article

Posted on on 10 November 2018
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Ahead of the Armistice Centenary, Britain's Guardian newspaper carried a reminder that the year 1918 has a different meaning for the peoples of eastern Europe.

The ceasefire agreed in Compiègne on November 11 ended the First World War between Germany and the Allies, halting the fighting on the Western Front.

But Guardian columnist Natalie Nougayrède notes: 'In the east of Europe, the crumbling of empires, the Russian revolution, civil war and the struggle to establish the borders of newly-established states all meant that armed violence continued, leaving deep scars.'

With the collapse of the imperial order, Poland regained its sovereignty, and independence was also achieved by  Czechoslavakia and the Baltic states.

Read the full article - from 6 November 2018 - in The Guardian.