Lille: Memorial to the carrier pigeons and their owners who died for communicating with the Allies during the German occupation of 1914-18 (Photo: Centenary News)

France: Projects invited to seek 'Centenaire label' for 2016

Posted on on 01 August 2015
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France's Nord Département is inviting applications from local Great War projects for the next round of endorsement by the Centenary partnership, Mission Centenaire, in 2016.

Projects awarded the 'Centenaire' label are included in the official programme of French national commemorations and are eligible for Mission Centenaire 14-18 funding.

Applications are submitted via the centenary committees of France's local government departments (Comités départementaux du Centenaire).

Mission Centenaire says interest remained strong in 2015, despite it being a 'transitional year' between the opening of the Centenary and next year's major anniversaries.

France will be the focus for two of the biggest events of the entire 2014-18 Centenary period in 2016: the 100th anniversaries of the Battles of Verdun and the Somme.

The 'Cobbers' sculpture at the Australian Memorial Park near Fromelles (Photo: Centenary News)

The Nord Département will host commemorations for the Battle of Fromelles in July 2016, an anniversary of particular significance for Australia.

The Western Front cut across the department. Its capital, Lille, was under German occupation for most of the Great War.

Mission Centenaire endorsement aims to highlight the most innovative projects marking the Centenary. Plans are assessed for their creativity, including heritage, educational and scientific values.

In 2015, 736 projects received the 'Centenaire' label. Of these 437 were submitted via the departmental centenary committees; 314 came from academic committees and 57 were national commemorative events.

More than 1,500 projects were endorsed in the opening Centenary year of 2014.

The Nord says its deadline for receipt of applications for 2016 is Friday September 18th. More details here.

Plans will be reviewed by the centenary committee before being submitted to Mission Centenaire.

You can read more in Centenary News about the Battle of Fromelles Museum, and plans for the Verdun and the Somme centenary commemorations.

Sources: Département du Nord, Mission Centenaire

Images: Centenary News

Posted by: Peter Alhadeff, Centenary News

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