Manuel Valls, speaking at the Marne Centenary (Video released by French Government)

French Prime Minister leads Centenary tribute to the fallen of the Marne

Posted on on 15 September 2014
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The French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, has led commemorations marking the centenary of the Battle of the Marne.

In September 1914, the counter-attack by French and British forces halted the German Army's advance on Paris and put an end to the Schlieffen plan for quick victory in the West.

Together with 1700 French students, Mr Valls paid tribute to the fallen at the National Monument in Mondement, scene of a turning point in the battle.

The Prime Minister described the Marne as a symbol of courage and daring that had involved troops from across France and its colonies.

North African soldiers played a key role at Mondement in driving back a German attack which threatened to break the French line and open up the Plain of Champagne.

A memorial more than 30 metres high, built at Mondemont after the First World War, recalls the historic victory on the Marne (Photo: Centenary News)

Manuel Valls also visited the Museum of the Great War at Meaux, and travelled to Vitry-le-François, scene of another major engagement in the battle

He represented President Hollande, who was visiting Iraq.

The British Ambassador to France, Peter Ricketts, represented the UK at the Centenary commemorations on September 12th 2014.

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Image:s French Government Information Service video; Centenary News

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