Charles Wilson, Honorary Colonel of Isle of Man Army Cadet Force, with an enlarged set of the Somme stamps, supporting the work of the Royal British Legion (Photo: Isle of Man Post Office)

Latest Manx WW1 stamps mark Somme & Jutland Centenaries

Posted on on 29 February 2016
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Stamps remembering the Battles of the Somme and Jutland have been released by the Isle of Man Post Office in its latest issues marking the First World War Centenary.

There's a tribute to a Manx soldier who was among almost 20,000 British troops killed on the opening day of the Somme offensive in 1916.

The Jutland stamps feature designs by the great granddaughter of Admiral Sir John Jellicoe, commander of the Royal Navy's Grand Fleet in the biggest sea battle of the Great War.

Both sets of stamps were released on February 17th 2016. The Somme series will support the work of the Royal British Legion, the armed forces' charity founded after WW1.

The massive loss of life on the Somme from July-November 1916 is reflected in images of poppies on each of the six centenary stamps. One is illustrated with the Thiepval Memorial, in tribute to the tens of thousands of men who have no known grave.

Depictions of a tank, aircraft, and heavy artillery and soldiers blinded by a gas attack highlight the impact of industrialised warfare (Image courtesy of Isle of Man Post Office)

Charles Wilson, Honorary Colonel of Isle of Man Army Cadet Force said: "The First World War was remarkable for its impact of loss to Europe both of soldiers and civilians who were caught in the conflict. Many Manx men were lost along with their hopes and dreams, and this stamp issue records their contribution and sacrifice"

Ashley Watterson McGain, a Manx soldier killed on July 1st 1916, the first day of the Battle of the Somme, is pictured on the presentation pack.

McGain, from Port Erin, was serving as an officer in the Suffolk Regiment. More than 8,000 men from the Isle of Man, a self-governing Crown dependency in the Irish Sea, enlisted in British forces during the First World War. Of these, 1,165 were killed. 


The Battle of Jutland is remembered with a miniature sheet depicting vivid scenes from the clash between Britain's Grand Fleet and the German High Seas Fleet on May 31st/June 1st 1916.

William Whyllie’s painting of the Royal Navy flagship 'HMS Iron Duke' opening fire is set alongside a picture of torpedo boats by the German nautical artist, Willy Stöwer (Image courtesy of Isle of Man Post Office)

Maxine Cannon, General Manager of Isle of Man Stamps & Coins said: "We are pleased to present this miniature sheet commemorating the centenary of the Battle of Jutland.  The battle was the only major encounter between the main British and German fleets during WW1 making it a significant event.

"Fittingly, Nick Jellicoe, grandson of Sir John Jellicoe, has produced the accompanying text which tells the story of the battle and Francesca, his daughter, helped design the stamps."

The opposing commanders - Admirals Sir John Jellicoe and Reinhard Scheer, and Vice Admirals Sir David Beatty and Franz von Hipper - are portrayed on the stamps.

Nick Jellicoe said: “It is a fitting tribute to the men of both the Royal Navy and the German High Seas Fleet to have such a fine commemorative miniature stamp sheet issued in their memory."

More details of the Somme and Jutland Centenary stamps can be found on the Isle of Man Post Office website, together with information about earlier releases marking the First World War Centenary.

Information & images supplied by Isle of Man Post Office

Posted by: CN Editorial Team