Nothing Of Importance: A Record of Eight Months at the Front with a Welsh Battalion

Posted on on 08 March 2016
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Author: Bernard Adams
Publication Date: 07 December 2015

Publisher's Description:

'As it was with so many young men, for Bernard Adams in 1914 it was like he was going off on some great adventure. 
Nothing could have prepared him for the reality he ended up facing. 

Placing his focus on the day to day existence of the soldiers in the trenches, Adams presents a grim picture of mud-coated billets, relentless artillery barrages, working parties, training and the art of military sniping. 

Just as it would have been for the soldiers’ lives, Adams heightens his work with an emotive account of his first night patrol, the detonation of mines, battlefield duels and being wounded whilst out wiring in No Man’s Land. 

Understated and striving for truth over melodrama, Nothing of Importance is the original memoir of the First World War — the only record published while the conflict was still being fought — and the definitive account of trench warfare. 

Bernard Adams (1890-1917) was a British Army officer, joining 1 Royal Welsh Fusiliers as a Lieutenant in November 1914. He was the first of a triumvirate of authors who, for a time, served simultaneously in the same battalion: the second was Siegfried Sassoon, the third Robert Graves. Written whilst convalescing in 1916, he did not live to see it published.'

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