'Sand and Snow: Global War 1915' exhibition opens in United States

Date of Event: 18 May 2015
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From the National World War I Museum's press release:

"The year 1915 was pivotal in terms of the world-wide involvement in the war. World War I was the first truly global war starting in Europe, then spreading to Africa, Asia and the Near East. The European powers mobilized their colonies and commonwealths around the world. Soldiers and laborers from Southeast Asia, India, Africa and the Caribbean were sent to Europe and the Near East to fight. 

 Souvenir paperweight from RMS Lusitania. Courtesy of National World War I Museum.

"Sand to Snow: Global War 1915 illustrates the convergence of diverse military, political, economic and social forces of the combatant nations and neutral countries. The faces, actions, voices and objects of the people, often from an individual viewpoint, serve as our guides. Their contributions and sacrifices are the central themes.

 Imperial German M1915 'gummi' gas mask made its first appearance in the fall 1915. Courtesy of National World War I Museum.

"Sand to Snow allows the Museum to highlight what transpired in countries across the world in 1915 – both combatants and nations that remained neutral," said National World War I Museum Senior Curator Doran Cart. "Nearly all of these items have not been on exhibition before and this particular collection is incredibly diverse in its scope."

"The exhibition showcases objects and documents from more than 20 countries across the world – the most encompassing special exhibition in the Museum’s history – including Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, Australia, India, Germany, Montenegro, Poland and the United States. The vast majority of items are on exhibition for the first time at the Museum."


 ANZAC cribbage board and writing utensil from Gallipoli. Courtesy of National World War I Museum.

The exhitibion at the National World War I Museum in Kansas City, Missouri runs until the 30th April 2016.

It is the latest in the Museum's series of exhibitions commemorating the World War I Centennial.

For more information on the exhitibion, visit the museum's website.

Source: National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial

Images: National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial

Posted by: Éadaoin Hegarty, Cetenary News


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