Submarine and Anti-Submarine: The Battle Under the Surface During World War One

Posted on on 08 March 2016
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Author: Henry Newbolt
Publication Date: 11 February 2016

Publisher's Description:

'During the First World War the fate of Britain was seen to be staked upon the outcome of the submarine and anti-submarine campaign.

Following centuries of experiments, the submarine made its first real impact in naval warfare during the American Civil War, but it was the years 1914-18 that cemented its place. 

Such was the advance submarines represented that they proved a thorny issue with regards to the conventions that combatants were supposed to abide by. 

Silently lurking beneath the waves even passenger and hospital ships were no longer safe, forcing the Admiralty to come up with effective anti-submarine measures. 

From destroyers and P-boats, Q-boats to trawlers, even the submarines themselves would fight duels with the U-boats in their quest to retain mastery of the seas. 

Focusing on this aspect of the war at sea, Newbolt relates many of the extraordinary incidents that defined this arduous campaign, from the Baltic to the North Sea via the Sea of Marmora.'

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