Jeremy Corbyn speaking in 2014 outside the House of Commons. Photo Copyright Centenary News.

UK newspapers cover First World War comments by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

Posted on on 06 November 2015
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A group of national newspapers in the UK has given prominent coverage to comments about the First World War made in 2013 by Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the British Labour Party.

Mr Corbyn said the government was planning to spend what he described as "shedloads of money" to mark the centenary – adding, “I’m not sure what there is to commemorate about the First World War".

He made the remarks at an event organised by the Morning Star, and footage of the event was posted on YouTube by the British Communist party in April 2013.

In the video, Mr Corbyn says: "Keir Hardie was a great opponent of the First World War and apparently next year the government is proposing to spend shedloads of money commemorating the First World War. I'm not sure what there is to commemorate about the First World War other than the mass slaughter of millions of young men and women, mainly men, on the Western Front and all the other places.

"The reason I say this is next year the government are planning this celebration and I think that's an opportunity for us. It's an opportunity to discuss war and discuss peace and to put up an alternative point of view."

The newspapers carried quotes from politicians from other political parties criticising Mr Corbyn – including UKIP defence spokesman Mike Hookem MEP, who branded Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's comments "a national disgrace".

He said: "He is lucky that he lives in a country where he can enjoy free speech but it's thanks to those men who fought for our freedom in 1914-1918 that he can”.