The bust of Kaiser Wilhelm II at Huis Doorn, the Netherlands, courtesy of Wikipedia

Last residence of German Kaiser Wilhelm II organises First World War conference

Posted on on 06 August 2013
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The last residence of Kaiser Wilhelm II - Huis Doorn in the Netherlands - is organising a conference entitled 'World War I: The turning point in the history of Europe'.

The conference, to be held on 21st September 2013 will explore "new insights into the causes and political, economic and cultural consequences of the war".

Speakers who will address the conference include:

Geert Bourgeois (Vice-Minister-President of Flanders)

Professor Geert Buelens (University of Utrecht)

Dr. Jet Bussemaker (Dutch Minister for Education, Culture and Science)

Professor Christopher Clark (University of Cambridge)

Professor Beatrice de Graaf (Leiden University)

Professor Sönke Neitzel (London School of Economics)

Professor Marteen van Rossem (Professor Emeritus, University of Utrecht)

The conference will take place at the Cultuurhuis Pléiade in Doorn, the Netherlands.

The price to attend is €65, although concessions are available.

Source: Dutch language Huis Doorn website

Posted by: Daniel Barry, Centenary News