BBC Great War Controller, Adrian Van Klaveren, courtesy of the BBC

BBC Great War Controller says it would be "utterly inappropriate" to adopt a tone of "celebration" for Centenary broadcasts

Posted on on 14 October 2013
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The Independent reports that the man in charge of the BBC's First World War Centenary coverage, Adrian Van Klaveren, says that it would be "utterly inappropriate" for the BBC to adopt a tone of "celebration" with its First World War Centenary programming.

In an article giving an overview of the BBC's planned coverage, Mr. Van Klaveren told The Independent that the BBC’s output "would not be trapped in the sombre mood of the annual Remembrance Day service but would explore the impact of the conflict on Britain’s economy, its class system and its place in the world".

To read the full article, visit The Independent website here.

Date of article publication: 13/10/2013

Posted by: Daniel Barry, Centenary News