Call for papers: 'Small Power is a Power? The role and resilience of small and medium powers during the Great War 1914-1918'

Posted on on 27 October 2013
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A call for papers has been made for an international seminar exploring the role of smaller nations during the First World War.

It will take place in Lisbon from the 3rd-5th September 2014.

The seminar is being organised by the National Defense Institute, in partnership with the Institute of Contemporary History, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities-Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and the Institute of Social Sciences - University of Lisbon.

Call for papers

A call for papers has been made to accompany the seminar. The seminar aims to "promote the study and deepen the knowledge of the national strategies and role played by small and medium powers during the Great War, keeping in mind the broader historical context in which the conflict took place". So this should be considered in preparing a paper.

The seminar also welcomes contributions from researchers aiming to relate wider theoretical questions to the empirical investigation on the role of small and medium powers during the First World War. It is also open to interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches, prising original contributions from diverse areas of knowledge.

"The seminar aims to encourage the debate, from a comparative perspective, of the experience of small and medium powers during the Great War. The aim is also to be inclusive of different cases in different regions (Western and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Balkans, non-European powers) and of belligerents as well as neutrals".

Please send your identification (name, institutional affiliation and email address), Paper title, Abstract (maximum 700 words), and academic CV (1 page) via email to:

Working languages: English, French, Portuguese.

Key dates

Submission of papers: 2nd September 2013 - 15th March 2014

Acceptance reply: 15th April 2014

Source: Instituto da Defesa Nacional website

Posted by: Daniel Barry, Centenary News