The winning design of the Centenary paving stone competition

British Prime Minister announces that Commonwealth VC winners will be honoured during Centenary

Posted on on 18 November 2013
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The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has announced that Commonwealth soldiers who fought during the First World War and were awarded a Victoria Cross will be honoured during the Centenary.

Mr. Cameron made the announcement on the 17th November 2013, after a Commonwealth summit in Sri Lanka.

The Prime Minister stated that: "the countries of today's Commonwealth played a vital role alongside our allies during the First World War".

"I am committed to ensuring that our centenary commemorations properly recognise the Commonwealth contribution and the sacrifices they made".

The comments come in light of an announcement in August 2013 by the British Government to "put Victoria Cross Winners at the heart of the Centenary".

Communities across the United Kingdom which were home to First World War recipients of the Victoria Cross will have a Centenary paving stone installed - of which the winning design was announced at the beginning of November 2013.

The plans initially only applied to British VC winners, but in light of the Prime Minister's comments, are set to be expanded.

It is expected that Commonwealth governments will be consulted about the plans.

Images courtesy of the Inside Government UK website

Posted by: Daniel Barry, Centenary News