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Posted on on 17 December 2011
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Canada's experience of WW1, in paint, is now available to see on the Canadian War Museum's website. 

The following extracts are taken from the Canadian War Museum's 'Canvas of War' online exhibition:

Major artists recorded the important contribution made by Canadians in both world wars. Like the soldiers they depicted, artists saw comrades and brothers die. They marched over corpses, suffered through deafening bombardments and endured inhumane conditions. The paintings you see in this exhibition are their legacy, a first-hand account of "how it was."

Canada’s war art has no permanent exhibition space. Canvas of War provides a unique opportunity to appreciate works of art that record the nation’s military history, and changed the course of Canadian art."

The website for the exhibition also gives an insight into the 116 war artists enlisted in Britain and Canada by newspaper magnate Lord Beaverbrook (Anglo-Canadian himself) that eventually produced over 900 scenes of Canada at war.

To view the Canvas of War exhibition, click here.

Images courtesy of Canvas of War Museum

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