Truce Tournament held at National World War I Museum, Kansas City

Posted on on 30 December 2013
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The National World War I Museum in Kansas held a 'Truce Tournament' to commemorate the 1914 'Christmas Truce'.

The event was held in the grounds of the museum on the 26th December 2013 in partnership with the soccer/football club Sporting Kansas City.

More than 110 participants from 24 teams in the area competed in a 3 vs. 3 tournament with '88 All-Stars +1 from Topeka, Kansas, eventually claiming the tournament by defeating Miracles at the Marne 13-9 in the championship match.                                                           The Truce Tournament Cup

The tournament - which will now be held annually - was deemed a success by the President and CEO of the National World War I Museum, Dr. Matthew Naylor:

"The 1914 Christmas Truce was a remarkable event during an incredibly intense period of time along the Western Front. Without question, there are lessons to be learned from those soldiers who laid down their arms, while the Truce Tournament also gives the National World War I Museum another opportunity to educate the public about inspiring events during the Great War".

Sporting Kansas City Club Chief of Staff Greg Cotton said he was "looking forward to making this an annual event for the Kansas City soccer community" and that the tournament "provides another great opportunity to showcase the growth of the sport in our city".

Source: National World War I Museum press release

Date of press release publication: 26/12/2013

Images courtesy of the National World War I Museum

Posted by: Daniel Barry, Centenary News