Memorial Museum Passchendale 1917

Posted on on 05 January 2012
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The Memorial Museum in Passchendale keeps the memory of the 500,000 casualties of the 1917 battle alive.

The Museum has educational resources for use by schools.  Its website states that its aims are as follows:

"In the Memorial Museum the memory of the battle is kept alive through images and movies, a large collection of historical artefacts and several life-like-diorama's. Eye-cathcher is an underground dugout tunnel with communication- and dressing post, headquarters, workplaces and dormitories. A breathtaking experience of how the British had to live underground like moles... just because there was nothing left above.

The museum is set up in the historical castle of Zonnebeke, on the road to Tyne Cot Cemetery. Tyne Cot is the biggest military cemetery of the Commonwealth with 12.000 graves and an impressive Missing Memorial. You can also pay a visit to a recently discovered underground dressing post, the German trenches in Bayernwald and strategic points like the Menin Road, 's Graventafel and Polygon Wood with a professional guide.

The Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917 is an ideal starting point for a visit to the old battlefields, an absolute must for tourists ands specialists."

To visit the Museum's website, click here.

Images courtesy of the Memorial Museum, Passchendaele website.

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