A model of the statue in honour of Lieutenant-Colonel McCrae

Statue in honour of 'In Flanders Fields' poet to be erected in Ottawa to mark Centenary

Posted on centenarynews.com on 31 January 2014
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An initiative by the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery will see a statue of the First World War soldier, physician and poet, John McCrae, erected in Ottawa, Canada.

Lieutenant-Colonel McCrae served as the surgeon and also as the second in command of 1st Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery. He was both a Gunner and the physician in the unit.

In recognition of his enduring poem 'In Flanders Fields', a statue of McCrae will be unveiled in Canada's capital city on the 100 year anniversary of when the poet was penned - the 3rd May 2015.

                                                        John McCrae, circa 1914

The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery intends to place the statue at the National Artillery Memorial, where, upon its unveiling, there will be a formal ceremony with a Guard of Honour from each Artillery Unit in Canada.

The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery stated that the commemoration of the writing of the poem "marks an event of significance throughout Canada and abroad".

"This statue is a work of tribute to an iconic Canadian figure and someone of importance to all veterans. It is, equally, a work recognising the sacrifices of World War I, during its centennial period".

For more information about the McCrae Statue Fundraising Campaign, visit the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery website here.

Images courtesy of the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery

Posted by: Daniel Barry, Centenary News