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Posted on centenarynews.com on 10 January 2012
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Spirit of Remembrance is a tour operator that offers specialist guided tours to battlefield sites across the world.

Bringing remembrance and history together, its tours are led by military specialists and are based around international conflicts ranging from pre-20th century to up to 1945.

The tours focus on the 'actualities of war' and are 'more concerned with people than equipment and strategy' with the human element and understanding of the sacrifice of ordinary men and women being the central tenet throughout the tours.  The following is taken from the Spirit of Remembrance website:

"Our tours focus on what the famous World War 2 Field Marshal Wavell called the ‘actualities of war’ – how ordinary men met extraordinary challenges in the face of fear, fatigue, bad weather and a determined enemy. We are more concerned with people than equipment and strategy. We will show you what it was like to be in the midst of some of the most famous battles in which British and Commonwealth soldiers took part – where they happened. Our guides are all storytellers. We do not teach or lecture. Our object is to bring the past to life for you – on the very ground where dramatic and moving events took place.

We welcome everyone, veterans and their relatives – particularly those researching their family history. Our expert battlefield guides all have operational service experience and can help you fill in the gaps in your family history. Where time and the itinerary permit, we are happy to include some special grave or memorial visits. You will find that we can often tell you more about what happened to your relative than you may believe is possible. We welcome challenges of this sort.

You may chose from a wide range of tours. From a personal journey, tailor made for individuals or families to larger groups for like-minded people. We can also arrange specially designed tailor-made battlefield tours for regimental or local groups and associations. Our themed tours are fascinating or perhaps you are interested in a theme we have not listed. Just let us know what you would like to do and we’ll be happy to advise."

To learn more about the tours Spirit of Remembrance offer, click here.

Images courtesy of the Spirit of Remembereance website.

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