'Belgian soldiers sit behind a barricade armed with rifles in a street in Louvain on 20 August 1914 during the retreat to Antwerp', courtesy of the Imperial War Museum, © IWM, Q 53206

Belgian and German historians to discuss the First World War

Posted on centenarynews.com on 25 February 2014
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Belgian and German historians are set to discuss topics ranging from forced labour to cultural heritage during the First World War.

The discussions are part of the Historikdialog: a series of lectures and debates between Belgian and German academics relating to the conflict.

Historikdialog programme

24th March 2014 - Université Catholique de Louvain

'Slave raids' during the First World War? Deportation and Forced Labour in occupied Belgium

Speakers: Jens Thiel (Humboldt University of Berlin) & Emmanuel Debruyne (University College London)

Language: English

Contact: genevieve.warland@uclouvain.be

22nd May 2014 - Universiteit Antwerpen

Learning from the enemy? Belgian cultural heritage under German occupation, 1914-1918

Speakers: Christina Knott (Centre Marc Bloch, Paris) & Tom Verschaffel (KU Leuven)

Language: English

Contact: marnix.beyen@uantwerpen.be

16th September 2014 - College of Europe, Bruges

Examining Belgian and German Schoolbooks on WWI

Speakers: Kerstin Schwedes (Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research) & Kaat Wills (KU Leuven)

Language: English

Contact: luis.bouza@coleurope.eu

6th November 2014 - Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

Expériences et représentations de la pénurie alimentaire durant la Guerre 14-18. Allemagne-Belgique

Speakers: Gred Krumeich (Heinrich Heine Universitat Dusseldorf) & Laurence Van Ypersele (University College London)

Language: French

Contact: Laurence.Vanypersele@uclouvain.be

7th November 2014 - Université de Namur

Totalizing War or Total War? Occupation Regimes of the First World War in European Comparison

Speakers: Jorn Leonhard (Universitat Freiburg) & Axel Tixhon (Namur)

Languages: English/French

Contact: axel.tixhon@unamur.be

Source: Historikdialog

Posted by: Daniel Barry, Centenary News