Canadian symposium to mark First World War Centenary

Posted on on 20 March 2014
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The World Heritage Tourism Research Network at Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada, is hosting a two day symposium on "the First World War, Remembrance, Commemoration and Perspectives in the 21st Century".

It will be held on the 15th-17th May, at Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Canada.

Individuals and organisations from across Canada are being invited to attend the symposium, which will commemorate the Centenary of the First World War. Representatives from various levels of government, academia, industry and the military will be attending, which is also open to young people and the general public.

The symposium is being held to commemorate the Centenary of the First World War and aims to "ensure this part of our heritage is never forgotten" and that lessons from the conflict are preserved for future generations.

Halifax has been described by the organisers as an "ideal site" to host the symposium due to its connections with the conflict.

A strategic naval port during the First World War, the majority of convoys carrying Canadian troops overseas departed from Halifax.

The 1917 Halifax Explosion also saw a French cargo ship carrying explosives ignite, resulting in the deaths of 2,000 civilians and thousands of non-fatal casualties.

Programme highlights

Keynote speakers include Tim Cook of the Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, and Sergeant Philip Safire of the Canadian Armed Forces.

There will also be presentations by Brian Osborne of Queen’s University, Ontario; Don Julien of the Aboriginal War Veterans, Nova Scotia; and Peter Broznitsky of the Western Front Association (Pacific Coast Branch).

Youth presentations and a panel on the theme of 'Why We Remember' will also be at the symposium.

There will be a special performance by singer/songwriter, Terry Kelly, who will sing his Remembrance Day song, A Pittance of Time.

Full details of the symposium will be released in the coming months.

To find out more about the symposium, click here.

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Source: World Heritage Tourism Research Network

Images courtesy of the World Heritage Tourism Research Network

Posted by: Daniel Barry, Centenary News