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British Labour MP: Centenary commemorations "have to go further than the poppy fields of Flanders"

Posted on centenarynews.com on 26 June 2014
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The British Labour politician, Dan Jarvis MP, has called for the UK's national commemorations to reflect the "broader story" of the First World War.

The Labour Party's lead for the Centenary commemorations and MP for Barnsley Central, made the comments during a speech delivered to the Labour History Group last week.

Mr. Jarvis asserted that the fundamental changes which the war brought to British society and the contribution of women, workers and Commonwealth forces to the war effort should be recognised during the Centenary period.

"I strongly believe that if we want to properly commemorate the First World War, if we want to do justice to the memory of those who lived through it 100 years ago, then these commemorations cannot solely be about those who fought and died on the frontline".

Whilst Mr. Jarvis said he doesn't that politicians "should be in the business of writing our history", he said it was important that in the next four years an environment was created where all sides can take part in debate "openly together".

He also highlighted the war's role in the growth of the Labour Movement and the Labour Party - which he said was important that the modern party remembered during the commemorations.

In closing, Mr. Jarvis highlighted the importance of remembering those who fought on the front lines.

"But," he added, "we must also remember the Britain they left behind - the one they fought to protect - and how it became the country we live in today".

Source: Labour List

Images courtesy of Dan Jarvis' website

Posted by: Daniel Barry, Centenary News