Julia Gillard Rejects Fears About Centenary Divisions

Posted on centenarynews.com on 03 April 2012
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Date of publication: 26/03/2012

There have been warnings in Australia warned that marking the centenary of Anzac Day could provoke division in multicultural Australia - and that there were "risks" in honoring fallen soldiers. These feelings came from a research paper which the government of Australia has been using while preparing for the 2014 centenary of Australian participation in WWI, and the 2015 centenary of Anzac Day.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has rejected this, and has stated that the Anzac commemorations are part of the national identity of Australians.

For the full story in the Herald Sun, click here.

It is interesting to note that a poll run on their website showed that the vast majority of their readers did not think Anzac celebrations would cause divisiveness.

Images courtesy of the Herald Sun website.