Book Reveals Chemical Impact on Great War

Posted on on 01 November 2012
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In the UK, science writer Dr. Michael Freemantle has released a book, 'Gas! Gas! Quick Boys: How Chemistry Changed the World'. The book reveals how the Great War was also the 'Chemists' War'. Dr. Freemantle explores how chemical advances informed the outcome of and developments of military strategy between 1914-18.

A Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Dr Michael Freemantle has written several books and articles on chemistry and the history of chemistry. He was a Senior Correspondent for Chemical & Engineering News and Science Writer in Residence at Queen's University, Belfast.

Michael Freemantle's reaction to David Cameron's announcements of plans for the Centenary can be read here.

You can purchase 'Gas! Gas! Quick Boys: How Chemistry Changed the World' online here.

Images courtesy Huffington Post website