RAF Museum Invites Public to Help Curate

Posted on centenarynews.com on 30 November 2012
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The RAF Museum is inviting members of the public to choose objects for a new permanent exhibition that aims to highlight the role of aviation during World War One. The exhibition is set to be ready in time for the centenary events in 2014.

Curators at the Hendon museum - which is home to many cultural artifacts including Sopwith Camel rudders, bombs, trinkets and lucky charms – have shortlisted one hundred items. Of this shortlist, members of the public can choose their favourites for display as part of a permanent exhibition which will be developed over the coming year.

Other initiatives the museum is undertaking include sharing archived First World War photographs on Flickr and Pinterest. It is hoped that this will encourage members of the public whose relatives may have served in the RAF during the First World War to supply their family’s personal photographs, artefacts and letters.

To take part in the survey and help shape the exibition, visit this link.To view the RAF museum’s website, click here. Click here for the museum’s Flickr stream  and here for the Pinterest stream.

All images copyright © Trustees of the Royal Air Force Museum.