The Somme holds photo contest to capture the commemorative spirit of 2014

Posted on on 29 July 2014
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The Conseil Général de la Somme in France is holding a photography competition as part of its First World War Centenary commemorations.

Entitled “The Somme has a Meeting with the World”, the competition is open to all amateur photographers above the age of 11 from France and abroad.

The Conseil Général says this reflects the Department of the Somme's desire 'to place openness to the world and youth at the heart of the commemorations of the centenary.'

The closing date for entries is September 15th 2014. They're invited in four categories:

*A Sensitive Regard to the Centenary:  This is dedicated to the emotions felt by entrants towards the memorials and sites of remembrance of the Great War; and the regard given towards encounters with other visitors to these sites.

*Youth: This is particularly aimed at the events and commemorations of the Centenary, encouraging exchanges and shared moments of daily life, and highlighting openness to the world, culture and youth. 

*Budding Photographers: 11 to 18 year olds are encouraged to express their own perception of the commemorations of the Centenary.

There's also a Special Prize category for the best photograph taken with a smartphone, in order to include new ways of using photography.

Three photographs will be selected from each of the first three categories, plus one from the special smartphone prize, making a total of ten winners. 

Thiepval memorial to the Missing of the Somme 

The Conseil Général de la Somme says the competition enables all vistors to 'express their  feelings towards the Centenary projects and events organised in the Department in 2014.'

The winners will receive travel packages for various destinations in Europe, tablet computers, or E-readers.

In November 2014, the best pictures will also be exhibited at the Hotel des Feuillants in Amiens, headquarters of the Conseil Général de la Somme. 

More information, and details of how to enter, can be found here

Information and poster images supplied by the Conseil Général de la Somme

Picture of Thiepval Memorial: Peter Alhadeff, Centenary News

Posted by: Peter Alhadeff, Centenary News