Canadian National Memorial, Vimy Ridge: Prime Minister Stephen Harper praised the 1917 Canadian victory

Canadian Prime Minister leads Centenary tribute on August 4th 2014

Posted on on 04 August 2014
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Canada's Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, has paid tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of the 650,000 Canadians and Newfoundlanders who fought in the First World War.

In a statement marking the Centenary, Mr Harper said their dedication and courage resulted in Canada emerging as a 'proud, victorious nation' with new standing the world.

Canada and Newfoundland, separate Dominions of the British Empire in 1914, entered the conflict with the UK's declaration of war on August 4th 1914.

More than 66,000 men and women from the two Dominions were killed, and an estimated 172,000 others were wounded.

Mr Harper said: "On this important anniversary, let us recall and honour our heroes who put their lives on the line during the First World War so that right would prevail and so that Canadians and other peoples would have the opportunity to live in peace and freedom."

Source: Canadian Prime Minister's Office

Images: Peter Alhadeff, Centenary News

Posted by: Peter Alhadeff, Centenary News