Belgian soliders in August 1914 near Liège

100 Years Ago Today: Germans capture Liège fortresses; and Austro-Hungarian troops move further into Serbia

Posted on on 16 August 2014
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100 years ago today, on August 16th 1914, German forces capture the last of the fortresses at Liège; and 200,000 Austro-Hungarian troops move further into Serbia, where they encounter strong resistance.

The Germans had used massive howitzers to bombard the fortresses at Liège. After the fortresses fell, the German First and Second Armies moved westwards across the River Meuse.

 The Austro-Hungarian troops had invaded Serbia on August 12th.

On August 14th, H.G Wells described the conflict as 'The War to End All Wars'.

Also on August 14th two French armies began Battle of the Frontiers by attacking into Lorraine.

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Image from Wikipedia/public domain

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