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Update on campaign, launched last week in UK, to remember role of Chinese Labour Corps

Posted on on 17 August 2014
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The organisers of the campagn to get the Chinese Labour Corps remembered with a memorial sent Centenary News an update today after their press event on Thursday - following our coverage of their launch.

They said the press conference went well - with coverage in the the UK's Guardian and the Independent.

The campaign has also started an online petition.

One of the camaign's organisers Steve Lau told Centenary News: "We've been a little surprised but delighted by the initial response. The thought that in three years time we will be unveiling a memorial is a little daunting to say the least, but the response to the launch has confirmed everything we thought: people recognise that we failed the men of the Chinese Labour Corps, and are ready to put that right."

The following photo was taken at the event showing the Strategic Partners and speakers:

From left to right:

Edmond Yeo JP, Chair, Chinese Information and Advice Centre

Sonny Leong CBE, Chair, Chinese for Labour

Michael Wilkes, Director, British Chinese Project

Jackson Ng, Director, Conservative Friends of the Chinese

Thomas Chan DL, Vice Chair, Chinese in Britain Forum

Professor Zhao Yongren, Consul, Embassy of the People's Republic of China (speaker at event)

Steve Lau, Chair, Strategic Partnership Board, Ensuring We Remember Campaign

Lord William Wallace of Saltaire, Spokesperson, Foreign and Commonwealth Office (speaker at event)

Linda Cheung, Chair, Chinese Liberal Democrats

Pastor Vincent Aun, Herald UK (a national Christian publication serving the 200 Chinese congregations in the UK)

Nikki Lee - Project Director, Ensuring We Remember Campaign

The launch event was held at the  International Institute for Strategic Studies.

For more informatipon on the campaign, click here

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