The Ottoman Navy at the Golden Horn, Constantinople (now Istanbul), German postcard (Image:Wikipedia/public domain)

100 Years Ago Today: Turkey goes to war

Posted on on 29 October 2014
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The Ottoman Empire entered the First World War on October 29th 1914, when its navy attacked Russian ports on the Black Sea.

Turkey had signed a secret military alliance with Germany on August 2nd but initially stayed neutral as hostilities started between Europe's great powers. 

Declarations of war swiftly followed the Turkish naval raids on Sebastopol and other Russian ports, triggering new areas of conflict in the Caucasus, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Two former German warships were involved in the attacks. Both had only recently been transferred to the Ottoman Empire after arriving in Turkish waters from the Meditterranean, where they'd escaped Britain's Royal Navy.

The Allied landings at Gallipoli in April 1915 were among the consequences of Turkey's entry into the First World War.

The invasion, led by Britain and France, and involving the newly-formed Australian and New Zealand Anzac force, was aimed at supplying Russia and knocking Turkey out of the war.

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Image: Wikipedia/public domain

Posted by: Peter Alhadeff, Centenary News