Doris Bures, President of Austria's National Council, speaking at the conference 'Home Front - Women, Media and War' (Photo: © Parlamentsdirektion / Bildagentur Zolles KG / Mike Ranz)

Conference at Austrian Parliament pays tribute to the women of First World War

Posted on on 04 November 2014
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A conference at the Austrian Parliament has heard a call for women to be remembered for their role in the First World War.

Academics and journalists joined leading political figures for the Centenary event, entitled 'Home Front - Women, Media and War,' in the chamber of the National Council in Vienna.

The female perspective of the war was described as a 'much neglected' part of Austrian remembrance culture.

Delegates considered the militarisation of of women in everyday life and various war occupations, the creation of myths and stereotypes, and the role of the media in portraying the historical image of women.

Dores Bures, President of Austria's National Council, said women should be honoured for the part they'd played on the home front. 

Not only had millions of soldiers' lives been lost in the catastrophe of the First World War, she pointed out. Women were also exploited for propaganda purposes and as cheap labour, and in the absence of men had to provide for their families, till the fields and work in munitions factories.

Doris Bures said those themes were sadly still relevant today, emphasising the need to learn from history and continue on the path of reconciliation and peaceful co-existence in Europe.

"Home Front - Women, Media and War' was held at the Austrian Parliament on October 30th 2014. It was organised jointly with the journalism and education departments of the University of Vienna. The full press release can be read, in German, here.

Source: Austrian Parlamentskorrespondenz

Images: © Parlamentsdirektion/Bildagentur Zolles KG / Mike Ranz

Posted by: Peter Alhadeff, Centenary News