“A Sociedade e a Grande Guerra" - "The Great War and Society" seminar at Lisbon University

Posted on centenarynews.com on 04 November 2014
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An international seminar, “A Sociedade e a Grande Guerra" or "The Great War and Society” will take place at the Faculty of Letters, Lisbon University, Portugal, on November 13th 2014.

The seminar aims to provide a plattform to analyse, observe and discuss the political and social aspects of the First World War. The event will also discuss questions regarding the role of women, the desire for peace, as well as the role of religious institutions and Christianity in particular during the conflict.

Guest historians will discuss topics that include “Myths and War – the Polish case” and the “Southeast Asian perspective on World War I”.

This seminar is aimed at both an interdisciplinary academic audience and a broader public audience. Admittance is free and open to all.

Posted by : Ellen Tranter, Centenary News