First World War Exhibition opens at National Library of Ireland

Posted on on 27 November 2014
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An exhibition has opened at the National Library of Ireland, in Dublin, running from November 2014 until the end of centenary events in 2018, which reveals the impact of the First World War in Ireland.

World War Ireland explores Irish experience of the First World War using the National Library of Ireland’s archive material - which includes diaries, recruiting posters, newspaper reports, cartoons, handbills and leaflets dating from 1914-1918. The exhibition also explores the experience of Irish women who were involved in the war effort.

Opinion in Ireland was and still is divided on the First World War. Although many Irishmen had joined British Forces by 1914, and the 36th Ulster Division were prominent in the Battle of the Somme, there was also internal conflict over Home Rule.

You can find out more online about the exhibition, or the National Library of Ireland.

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Posted by: Ellen Tranter, Centenary News