Artist and museum collaborate on First World War centenary exhibition

Posted on on 04 December 2014
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New Zealand Artist, Michael Parekowhai, has collaborated with Auckland War Memorial Museum for the First World War Centenary Exhibition. Parekowhai has an extensive exhibition history throughout Australia and New Zealand, and is currently Professor of Fine Arts at the University of Auckland. 

The exhibition will feature new art works from Parekowhai, as well as an exhibition of his photography series The Consolation of Philosophy (2001). Each of the photographs in The Consolation of Philosophy are named after different First World War sites where New Zealand soldiers fought. 

The exhibition is part of the museum's First World War Centenary Programme. The theme for the museum's programme of centenary events is the 'death of innocence'. Pare Kawakawa by Parekowhai is said to explore the impact of war, fitting into this proposed programme. During Māori tangihanga, Pare kawakawa which are head wreaths, are worn as symbols of mourning.

Museum director Roy Clare says: “Pare Kawakawa by Parekowhai will speak to individual stories, yet reflect the universal experiences for those whose lives were impacted by the war. It’s been a privilege for us to work with Michael on this special project as part of our WWI Centenary Programme”

Michael Parekowhai comments: “Pare Kawakawa is a contemporary response to the past, shaped by an awareness of different points of view, different memories and different truths.”

Pare Kawakawa by Parekowhai, will run from Friday 17 April, until Sunday 16 August 2015. The exhibition will be housed in the Sainsbury Horrocks Gallery, Auckland War Memorial Museum.

Find out more about the museum on the Auckland Museum Website, or see Facebook and Twitter.

Posted by: Ellen Tranter, Centenary News