Reflections on three Boston World War One exhibitions

Posted on on 14 January 2015
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Susan Werbe has attended three World War I exhibitions in her hometown of Boston, Massachusetts and has written her reflections in a feature for Centenary News. 

The Boston Anthenaeum's exhibition, Over Here: World War I Posters from Around the World, displays a selection from its extensive poster collection and war memorabilia with discussion and historical context for each item.

The pieces originate from all over the world and demonstrate the power of propaganda during the war. 

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston presents Over There! Posters from World War I, a companion piece to the Anthenaeum's exhibition. The display features 50 posters which have not been exhibited since 1938. 

The Massachusetts Historical Society’s exhibition, The Letters and Photographs from the Battle Country: The World War I Memoir of Margaret Hall, chronicles the journey of two young women from prominent Massachusetts families who volunteered overseas during the war. 

Read the full feature here.

Posted by: Hannah Schneider, Centenary News