Lochnagar Crater Memorial in the Somme, 98 years after the battle, July 1st 2014 (Photo: © Centenary News)

British minister launches battlefields legacy project for schools

Posted on centenarynews.com on 02 February 2015
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The British Government has launched a new project designed to encourage pupils who've visited the First World War battlefields to share their experiences with their local communities.

Almost 9,000 students from schools in England are travelling to Western Front sites in Northern France and Belgium through the publicly-funded Battlefield Tours Programme.

Under the new Legacy 110 project, they're being invited to share the experience with 110 other people.

If every student going on a tour reaches that target, 880,000 people will have gained a deeper understanding of the Great War, the Government says. 

That's equal to the number of British and colonial soldiers who died in the conflict.

Lord Ahmad speaking at the launch of Legacy 110, Institute of Education, London

Communities Minister Lord Ahmad said: "People from all faiths and backgrounds fought for Britain during the First World War and over the next three years young people from every school in the country will learn about the sacrifices made by individuals and their communities to protect our liberty and our shared British values.

"The men who gave their lives during the War will always be heroes and it is our responsibility to ensure their deeds are not forgotten," Lord Ahmad continued. 

"The Legacy 110 project will bring communities together to remember all of our shared history and help ensure that the next generation keep the memory alive of those who fought for our freedom."

Successful students will receive a certificate and specially-commissioned pin badge.

To qualify, projects must be added to a designated online map detailing how many members of the local community have been engaged. Projects should also be included on the school website.

The Battlefields Tours Programme provides an opportunity for two pupils and one teacher from every state-funded secondary school in England to visit the Western Front and take part in remembrance ceremonies during the 1914-18 Centenary. 

More information is available on the Institute of Education's Battlefield Tours website.

Battlefield visits for schools in Scotland are funded by the Scottish Government. The devolved administrations in Wales and Northern Ireland are also running Centenary education programmes.

Source: UK Government

Images: Peter Alhadeff, Centenary News (Somme); UK Government (Lord Ahmad)

Posted by: Peter Alhadeff, Centenary News


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