Article highlights concerns over Austria's lack of Centenary plans

Posted on on 04 February 2013
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In this article, Tanja Mišic highlights the issues that Austria faces in commemorating the Centenary of the First World War.

Mišic considers Austria’s lack of involvement in planning for the upcoming European celebrations and commemorative events.

The argument is made that, as successor to the Habsburg Monarchy, Austria holds a responsibility in becoming more involved in the event.

The author criticises the Austrian government’s approach  to the centenary and outlines the events that are being planned currently within the country.

Translated by:

Anna Bearfield, Centenary News Team

To read the original German language article written by Tanja Mišic, visit the Online Kosmo website here.


"100 Years Since the First World War

2014 is the Centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. Commemorations throughout the world are to be held in memory of the horrors of this war. Yet, the Austrian government alarmingly seems to be avoiding organizing events for this occasion.

While France, one of the victorious powers of the First World War, began to prepare a concept for its celebrations of the centenary over a year ago, Austria still seems to want to have little to do with preparations...

Hopefully, the Austrian government will accord some belated attention to the centenary. The centenary is just around the corner and Austria should take its responsibility as the successor state of the Habsburg Monarchy seriously..."

Images courtesy of the Online Kosmo website.

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